Adeline || Coeur d’Alene Children’s Photography

A few weeks ago I had a fabulous idea for a session that included a hot air ballon. Since my business here in Coeur d’Alene is still brand new I don’t have a lot of previous clients, so I put out a model call. I had a lot of people apply for the model call, like 50 more people than I expected. I went through every email and looked at all the cute kiddos. This little sweetheart stood out first thing. She has an adorable smile, the most beautiful red hair and piercing blue eyes. I thought that she was cute in pictures but I had no idea she would be so much cuter in person.

Adeline was an so much fun to photograph. I think my favorite part was the little dance she did when her parents started singing “Go Addie, Go Addie, Go Addie” to get her pumped up. It obvious that she has some of the best parents around. They were willing to do just about anything to get this girl to smile. All of their efforts show through in her adorable pictures.

If you are in the Coeur d’Alene area and looking for a photographer I would love to work with you. I’ve got a few other exciting session ideas up my sleeve!

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