Fitzsimmons Family || Coeur d’Alene Family Photography

The move back to Coeur d’Alene from Seattle has been so wonderful for my family. It really has been like coming home for all of us. The slower pace of life, friendly people and being close to family has been good for our souls. There is something so special about being able to raise my kids where I grew up. Coeur d’Alene holds so many wonderful memories and people for me.

Being able to share my love of photography with the people I grew up with is an extra special gift. I grew up going to the Fitzsimmons ranch out in Micah. It was fun to go out there and capture the beautiful colors that fill the Flats in the fall. I have such a special place in my heart for the Fitzsimmons. The whole family has been such a big part of my growing up.

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