Coeur d’Alene Front Porch Pictures | Sharon Family

My Front Porch Sessions are still going strong. It is hard to belive that we are in our 7th week of quarantine. It is really starting to feel like our normal lives now. Life in Coeur d’Alene has always been a little slower paced, but this is definetly a new level of slower living. With schools, churches, resturants, sports and even the Coeur d’Alene Resort closed, there really is nowhere to be in a hurry to get to.

As a state, Idaho has done pretty well at flattening the curve. But here in Kootenai County, we’ve pretty much been rockstarts. Kootenai County has only had 60 cases, and the entire Panhandle Health Dsitrict, 65. As things begin to reopen at the end of this week, we are all excited to be able to enjoy a bit more of the life we are used to.

It has been such an honor to capture families during this crazy time. We have turned to our home to protect us, and as we’ve done that our hearts and familes have changed and been strengthened. When we look back at this scary time, I hope that we remember this time as when we grew closer as a family and our love for each other and so many things grew so much deeper!

I would love to shoot your family from the comfort and safety of your own front porch. Sessions are only about 10 minutes on and I promise they will be a treasured memory for years to come. Use the “Let’s Chat” tab to get in touch with me about scheduling your session!

I completely relate to how this dog feels. LET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

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