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  • Are the magic maker in the home.
  • Preserve the memories and remember the traditions.
  • Celebrate the big milestones and the tiny triumphs.
  • Create and direct the grand adventure of your lives.
  • Think there are never too many pictures of your family.
  • Have overflowing photobooks and a passionate heart.


  • I have the most incredible dentist... and I happen to be married to him ;)
  • We have four kids, 3 boys, and 1 adorable little girl.
  • You'll find me at a swim meet on most Saturdays.
  • My favorite dessert is pie.
  • I've been a photographer for over 7 years!
  • My dream vacation would be to Monet's Garden in France!
  • I'm a national rollerskating champion, yup, that's a real thing!
  • If I wasn't a photographer I think I'd own a bakery.
a bit about me

As a little girl, I remember lovingly looking through pictures of my grandparents. I had never met them, but I knew them through their pictures. As I looked through the pictures I would think about the stories that were happening in the pictures. My grandpa’s mischevious smile as he tickled my Grandma. The soft wave of my Grandma’s curled hair and her always closed mouth smile. My grandpa, a very talented horseman, standing atop the back of his horse. I had never met them, but I knew them. Through the pictures that became their legacy, they were able to become part of my life.


As a teenager, I became even more aware of the importance of priceless memories. My own father passed away when I was just 15. Now, almost 2 decades later the memories of my Dad have faded, and sadly I only have a handful of pictures of me and my Dad together. My heart hurts as I think about the parts of my life that I shared with my Dad but have no memory of and no pictures to help me remember.


When I became a mother there were so many new jobs that I took on. But I quickly realized that most importantly moms are the makers of magic and the keepers of memories. We remember the special traditions, celebrate the big milestones and the tiny triumphs. It’s moms who create and direct the grand adventure of our lives.


So when I became a photographer, I wanted to be the photographer for moms who think there are never too many pictures of her family. Moms who have overflowing photobooks and passionate hearts. I am a photographer who knows that sometimes only a picture can bring you back to a moment otherwise forgotten.

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