Why I love 6 month sessions

If you follow me on Facebook you have most likely heard me talk about my love of 6 month sessions. If I could photograph one thing for the rest of my life it would be 6 month olds.

6 moths is a great time for a wonderful milestone session, sometimes referred to as a sitter session. 6 month olds are happy, can sit unassisted, have beautiful skin and they can’t run away! I love to sit and play, sing songs and take cute pictures with these adorable babies!

When you are pregnant and planning every detail, newborn pictures are always so important. In the busyness of taking care of a baby it can be easy to forget about, capturing those 6 month memories. But a 1/2 Birthday is just as important as a full Birthday.

If I haven’t convinced you, take a look at these adorable 6 month olds. I’m sure that will do the trick!


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