3 Month Milestone Session

Miss Maggie is 3 months old!

Newborn sessions are so cuddly and adorable. 6 month sessions are full of happiness and smiles. First Birthday sessions are a celebration. But have you ever considered a 3 month session? I have been a die hard 6 month session evangilist for most of my career. But I have recently fallen in love with 3 month sessions. The 3-4 month range for pictures is such an adorable age that I had previously not given much credit.  Though they may not be sitting unassited , which is the highlight of a 6 month session, they have started to smile and mastered eye contact and intereaction. I also love the idea of having a slower transition throught the first year. More pictures of your adorable baby is always better, right?

Take a look at this adorable 3 month session and tell me what you think. Miss Maggie has the sweetest personality, and I feel like thit really comes out in these pictures.

This mint green is definitely her color!!!

Her smile absolutely lights up a room!!!

I just love this little sweetheart so much! I have enjoyed watching her grow up so much!

If you are wanting to do a 3 month session for your adorable baby message me right here and let’s talk about it! If you love these pictures I would love to be your photographer!

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