Worried about family pictures after bedtime?

Tips to keep kids awake and happy for sunset family pictures!

Booking your family pictures for sunset is going to give you the best lighting but a lot of parents worry about keeping their kids up that late. Here are a few tips to help ease your anxiety about pushing that bedtime a little later than normal. A late bedtime for pictures can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

Keep your cool

Prepping for family pictures can be a very stressful situation. Even if you aren’t feeling overly stressed, your energy is a very different from a normal day. Your kids will feed off the energy they feel. So do what you can to keep yourself calm. Take your time putting them down for naps. Have quiet time with books and songs. Let them enjoy a bath.

Move Nap time a little later

On the day of your session try pushing nap time back. This gives them the opportunity to sleep a little later in the day.

Fed people are happy people!

This is our unofficial family motto. Hungry kids will only make a stressful situation worse. That might mean having an early dinner and a big snack right before your session. Bringing a few non messy snacks along to your session in case a break is needed is also a great idea. But don’t plan on waiting to feed your kids after the session, because inevitably someone will turn into a hangry monster!

Dress everyone appropriately!

Making sure that people are comfortably dressed is a key to a successful session. Just like Goldy Locks kids like to be just right, not too hot or too cold! Make sure you know your upcoming weather so you can dress in layer, sweaters, and leggings if needed.

Think of your session as a great adventure!

When you are excited to play and explore during your session your kids will forget about sleep and focus on fun. So pick a location that you can go on an adventure together.

Hire a photographer who knows how to have FUN!

When you choose a photographer who is play based, they are going to have tons of fun things for your family to do together to keep everyone having a good time! Kids will be having such a great time, they will be begging for the session to continue once it’s over! P.S. that photographer is me – I am the photographer for you! If you are looking for a Coeur d’Alene family photographer, reach out to me here.

I know that planning family pictures can be difficult, especially with little kids. But you can have a fun time, even after bedtime. When you are prepared with the correct tools and the right attitude you can make magical memories. You can all have a fun time, even after bedtime!

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