Fynn’s Birth Story

I am not a birth photographer, but last week I had the honor of becoming one for the day. The stars aligned, and everything fell perfectly into place. I made it to the hospital  with just enough time to spare. It was such an honor to be at Fynn’s birth, truly an amazing experience.

Seattle Newborn Photographer-7304Seattle Newborn Photographer-7306

Fynn made such quick arrival into the world that the midwife didn’t have time to get gloves on. She just had a split second to reach out and catch him. It really was so amazing to see his very first breath.

Seattle Newborn Photographer-7313
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This picture is one of my favorite from Fynn’s birth. Amber and Jeff were admiring sweet Fynn. Amber lovingly touched Jeff’s face with one hand and Fynn’s with the other. It was so

Seattle Newborn Photographer-7412Seattle Newborn Photographer-7363

Checking his perfect little fingers.

Seattle Newborn Photographer-7355Seattle Newborn Photographer-7351Seattle Newborn Photographer-7342Seattle Newborn Photographer-7374Seattle Newborn Photographer-7466Seattle Newborn Photographer-7471Seattle Newborn Photographer-7483Seattle Newborn Photographer-7496Seattle Newborn Photographer-7500Seattle Newborn Photographer-7506Seattle Newborn Photographer-7509

Welcome to the world Fynn!

Seattle Newborn Photographer-7531

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