PROJECT BOYHOOD | Paper Airplanes

Happy national paper airplane day! Oh, you didn’t know that was a thing? Neither did I until Eli insisted that we go to breakfast at school this morning so he could get a model airplane kit. I’m happy to say we got ourselves together in time and made both boys model airplane dreams come true. Really it couldn’t have been better timing for a little project I’m working on.

I am a boy Mom, through and through! I have 3 little boys and I love them fiercely. Honestly, I never imagined myself with a house full of boys, but that’s what I’ve got. I love some many things about my boys, but sadly I feel like we often push boys to be less like boyish. They can’t be too loud, too dirty, too crazy, too wild, too tough and so many other things that are just too much of. It frustrates me because little boys were not made to sit quietly all the time. Little boys were made to run around, climb tree, dig in dirt, push their physical limits, and be a little crazy. We seem to have forgotten that that type of behavior is normal and healthy.

In the midst of my frustration on the attack on little boys behavior I decided that I wanted to try harder to capture my boys in their natural habitat.  No matter how messy, silly or ridiculous it seems, I want to encourage and treasure my little boys just being boys. I am calling it Project Boyhood. I have some amazing ideas brewing in my head but I started out with something simple and dear to our hearts, paper airplanes. Eli loves to fold paper airplanes. He is really good at designing them so they are all different and fly with different strengths.  The boys loved going for a walk and running free and flying their planes. It was wonderful to see how much joy came from and evening walk with a folded piece of paper.

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